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binary options affiliate programs The ancient region of Kapadokia lies in Central Anatolia, between the cities of Nevsehir, Kayseri and Nigde. Combining unique and beautiful natural features with a fascinating cultural and historical past, the traveler finds one of the most fantastic landscapes in the world. Hittites, Byzantines and early Christians established important landmarks here, as did Mother Nature.

Wind and weather have eroded soft volcanic rock from the now extinct volcanoes Erciyes, Hasandagi and Golludag into hundreds of strangely shaped pillars, cones and "fairy chimneys", often very tall, and in every shade from pink through yellow to russet browns.Goreme is the heart of Kapadokia and is an important area for shopping, with its wonderful carpets and kilims, onyx souvenirs, and very fine local wines.

trading affiliate programs It is also a wonderful region for trekking and for photo-safaris. The scenery is breathtaking in all four seasons: miniature poppies in the springtime, the fruit and flowers of summertime, autumn's grapes and blaze of gold, and the winter blanket of snow.Also in this region are a number of underground cities which were used by Christians as places to retreat to and live in until danger from their enemies had passed. These cities were well-hidden and safe. There were rooms for grain storage, stables, sleeping chambers, kitchens, wells and air shafts. Today they are well-lit and fascinating to explore.

The underground city of Derinkuyu, about 50 kms south of Goreme, was at one time the home of up to 20,000 people. There are 8 floors of tunnels open to the visitor. The ventilation shafts, circular and descending from the surface to the lower levels, bring home the scale of the labyrinth. Massive circular doors were rolled across the passages to seal the occupants safely inside.

There are 37 subterranean settlements in the area although only a few are open to the public. Kaymakli, 10 kilometers to the north of Derinkuyu, is smaller and less excavated with 5 accessible levels.
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