My Singing Monsters Guide for Earning Currencies And Monsters

As well all know about mobile games of the current era and what kind of game gamers love in mobile devices. There are various types of games available in online game stores. My singing monster is one of those mobile games, which is very popular among kids and adult gamers. In the game, players have to grow monsters and breed them with other monsters to evolve. The evolving monster can sing and play instruments in the game; also players can use My Singing Monsters Hack to make them more special.

Guide about monsters and their elements

Monsters are the main part of the game, monsters are divided into several elements, and that particular element monsters are found in the particular island. Every monster is different from others, and it is a quite interesting and difficult task as well to collect them all. Every monster is made of one element, and these elements are following –

s  Earth

s  Cold

s  Water

s  Plant

s  Air

s  Fire

All these elements are based on the natural elements, and most of them found on the islands, but some rare monsters are only obtained by purchasing or using My Singing Monsters Hack tools.


In My singing monsters game, there are many currencies available each and every currency is obtained by different aspects and tasks. There are seven types of currencies available in the game, and every currency is having their different values and ways. These currencies are following below –

s  Coins

s  Diamonds

s  Treats

s  Shards

s  Starpower

s  Keys

s  Relics

However, all these currencies are useful in purchasing some resources and items.

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