The different types of Non-governmental organizations

Almost all of you have heard of the term NGO. Although this term isn’t new, it has been popular recently. An NGO is a non-profit organization that is formed by like-minded people to help and serve the society. They are not under the influence of any government body. They are independent and want to bring a difference where the government fails. They are also used as a mode of awareness all over the world.

An NGO can be registered with the government body or it may not be registered. If registered, they may get financial aid from the government. The NGOs mainly work for the progress of the country and the betterment of society. Here is the classification of the NGO on the basis of their orientation.

Charitable Orientation

The world is a mixture of the wealthy and the poor people. There are people who have nothing except the worn-out clothes they are in. They remain in the worst of their health throughout the life. This NGOs’ main motive is to provide them with some of the basic needs. They put their hands forward to provide the needy with food, clothes, medicine etc. There are some NGOs who also provide the poor with housing, schools, jobs etc. They also look up to relief the one who suffered in some man-made or natural calamities.

Service Orientation

These NGOs provides service to the people. They expect the people to intake the services provided and make a living using that. They include activities like provision of health, education service to all level of people in the backward areas, family planning and guidance over various jobs. These NGOs want the most number of people to participate and make the most out of it. With the services, they want the receiver to stand on their feet.

Participatory Orientation

In this classification, the members of the NGO are not alone trying to help other. In this, the participation also comes from the external people like the public and the local people. The participatory orientation takes over a project and tries to complete it.

The local people participate in this project by contributing money, land, tools, workforce, etc. The project is decided on the basis of the need of the area. The planning is done and then the implementation starts with the support of the local people. The cooperatives also provide a helping hand to the task.

Empowering Orientation

This NGO looks up to empower the society and to help the poor. They try to build up an understanding among the crowd and the reason between the distressful lives of the people. They understand and express the social, economic and political factors that affect the lives of many people. They try to bring some change with their voice and help others to control their lives and not get affected by the problems. They rise up against an important issue and problem and hope to resolve the issue. While on the other side the other part of the group tries to put together in the development of the society.


The NGO is a good gift in the society and should be appreciated and supported.

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