The Simpsons Tapped out: Explore characters & Tips to Complete Stories


In the world of mobile games, every player wants to play a game which is enjoyable and missionary. It is easy to download and delete any game from a mobile phone. Developers focus on those things that when the players play the game for the first time, they love it for the first sight. The game is designed with well-maintained graphics, and designs of characters are so perfect. In the game, Simpsons have to create a perfect city and add every required thing. Players can use The Simpsons Tapped Cheats for easy reward and achievements.

What are the Simpsons family and their purpose

Simpsons are a popular cartoon family who is living their life. There are six characters in their life, and every character has their story in the game. Following important characters and how they unlock in-game are mentioned below –

Homer – He is the primary character of the game and also default players. In the game, he has the most of the task. Players do have to unlock him because he is already unlocked in the game. He is a chubby and lazy character in the game he always does crazy things and nonsense things.

Lisa – She is an important character of the game, not a premium character, she is the second character of the game and unlocked by building Simpson’s house. Main work of her is to guide other characters and here kids.

Bart – He is the Third character of the game with very abnormal activities. Bart unlocks with 6400 cost money, and he is also not a premium character of the game.

These are some important characters of the game, and all of them are unlocked by cash, but players can also unlock them with The Simpsons Tapped Cheats services easily.

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